Embrittlement of steels, can cause brittle fracture under stress, this occurs as a result of the absorption of hydrogen, phosphorus or carbon during cleaning, electroplating phosphate coating and heat treatment processes.

The susceptibility to embrittlement increases with increasing stress and increasing material strength. Therefore, the specification of cleaning and finish requirements for hardened steel parts is crucial in reducing the risk of embrittlement.

Typical electrolytic processes which cause hydrogen embrittlement are: acid zinc, bright cadmium, bright nickel & bright chrome.

De-embrittlement is a heat treatment process which is carried out after electroplating where hydrogen embrittlement is likely to take place.

At Bobs Plating we are able to offer the complete de-embrittlement service using our state of the art Heraeus de-embrittling oven,

We can accommodate both small components which we load in baskets or larger items up to

1000mm x 500mm x 500mm – these are loaded individually

Our facilities are operated 24 hours per day which enables us to cope with our customers delivery deadlines.